The Yamori is a rinkaku kagune that takes the shape of two tails, both of which are covered in spikes. Its odd appearance quickly shows that it is different than the classic rinkaku. This kagune was used by the psychotic and notorious ghoul Yakumo Oomori, or Jason, during Tokyo Ghoul; it was later turned into 13's Jason when Yamori was defeated.

 This kagune is strictly used for up-close combat. The first stage is able to keep foes close to it with a grab and able to close the distance with a special dash. The kakuja form is the same in up-close combat, however, it uses grabs and punches to immobilize a target and deal heavy damage. Both kagunes utilize close combat to their advantage and being able to maintain their foes' proximity to it.

Stages Edit

Stage 1: Yamo1 Edit

The first stage of this kagune takes the form of two tentacles lined with spikes.

In this first stage, one is capable of closing distance with the final move and keeping them close. The moveset is straightforward and this kagune's attacks are simple.

Requirements: 0 RC Cells.

Moves Edit
  • Click: The click is a stab that uses either the left or right tendril to attack them dealing a small amount of damage upon hitting. When attacking, the tendrils alternate every click.
  • E: This attack uses both the spiked tendrils and swipes them together, dealing medium damage upon impact. It can catch anyone to the sides of it easily, but can be dodged if you move back enough.
  • R: This attack grabs your foe and pulls them towards you. Upon grabbing, it does medium damage.
  • F: This attack lunges at foes dealing high damage upon hitting the target.
Tips Edit
  1. Using the R to grab foes, you can utilize this kagune to ensure your foe doesn't escape. If followed up with an E, you can deal a large amount of damage to the target.
  1. A fairly high damaging combo one can use is the grab (R), followed by the swipe (E), and a dash (F) to finish them off. If all three landed properly, you can expect a high damage output.

Stage 2: YamoK1 Edit


The YamoK1 is the kakuja form of this kagune. It extends the right arm into a three-pronged kagune-arm. The head and torso are also enveloped in the casing of this kakuja. The left arm also has a kagune band along the bicep. In this state, the screen begins to shake, similar to the first stage kakuja of the Rinkaku kagune (KenK1).

This kakuja is strictly close-ranged combat and for getting foes away from you. The moveset, like Stage 1, is simple and easy to use, but again relies on the target being close to you or fairly close enough for most attacks to work. All attacks cancel out other attacks if used properly.

Requirements: 1,000,000 RC Cells.

Moves Edit
  • Click: This attack slams the kagune-arm onto the ground and does medium damage.
  • E: This attack slaps your opponent, either stunning them or sending them flying away from you. This does a medium amount of damage on impact.
  • R: This attack grabs your target and slams them into the ground. This attack does medium damage upon use.
  • F: This attack grabs the target and throws them a great distance from you. Upon use, it does high damage.
Tips Edit
  1. A sure way of dealing with a foe is by using the R to stun your foe, slam them, then use F to throw them. This can either end them or damage them enough so you can prepare a counterattack or flee.
  2. By using either the slap (E) or throw (F), you can give yourself distance from your foe, which can help you heal or avoid attacks.

Counters Edit

The quinques and kagunes that can counter this kagune are simple; all of them. This kagune, although strong at making sure your foes don't get too close and deal damage, is weak against most, if not all, of the current weapons in the game. Unless you can find a way to counter the low range of this kagune, you'll be stuck being a fairly easy target for most players.

T-Human can be considered an easy counter to this kagune.

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