Takizawa's kagune is an ukaku-type kagune. Whilst Takizawa was an investigator for the CCG in Tokyo Ghoul, in Tokyo Ghoul:re he was implanted with Yoshimura's kakuhou; his kagune therefore being similar to Yoshimura's. The kagune is capable of firing shards upon its opponents, which are known to break quinques in the manga.

Stages Edit

There are currently 3 stages for Takizawa.

Stage 1 Edit

A scimitar-like blade protrudes from your right arm with shards growing from your right shoulder.

Requirements: None

Moves Edit

-Click: Swing your kagune arm.

-E: Puncture an enemy with your kagune, stunning them and actually holding them for a short time. You then proceed to throw the enemy away from you.

-R: Fires a shotgun-like burst of shards at where you aim.

-F: Fires one huge shard. On contact with a player/NPC, it explodes and causes massive damage.

-C: Leap up and fire a volley of shards towards the ground.

Stage 2 Edit

Spikes grow from your right shoulder and forming a long blade longer than your arm. The kakuja fully wraps around your body and forms a mask on your face. This is an incomplete kakuja thus, having the insanity effect.

Requirements : Don't get your hopes up you ain't getting this soon. 5,000,000 RC Cells + Level 1,000

Moves Edit

-Click: Swing the kagune arm.

-E : You teleport, stab then throw your opponent. If you threw a shard to the ground before using this move, you throw your enemy to the nearby shard, dealing bonus damage and detonating the shard.

-R : You teleport and grab your target with your left hand, then slam them down and stun them for 1.5 seconds.

-F : You charge rush, firing quick shards at enemy targets. If a shard is in range, the fire rate is doubled

-C : You fire a shard to the ground that lasts 15-16 seconds which can be detonated and deal bonus damage if you throw your enemy to the shard with the E move. ( Maximum 8 shards )

Stage 3 Edit

The complete kakuja fully covers your body having 2 blades sprouting from your back as well as enhancing physical ability. This is a complete kakuja thus, not having any insanity effect at all.

Requirements :Well if you want to grind for this- then bye cya in 5 years. 10,000,000 RC Cells + Level 1,500


Moves Edit

- Click : Swings the blade switching from left and right every click.

-E : Similar to the 2nd stage but is buffed. Teleport and puncture the enemy and then throw them away.

-R : Same as the 2nd stage but is made stronger. Teleport and stab a target and slam them to the ground stunning the enemy by 1.5 seconds.

-F : Pause and suddenly leap up and form a circle firing 3 shards on nearby targets.

-C : Shoot a very long ranged shard where as it gets much more farther it does more damage.

Trivia Edit

  • As of now, Takizawa has the most RC Required Stage (TakiK2) which needs 10,000,000 RC!
  • As of now, Takizawa is the 3rd most expensive kagune, costing a whopping amount of 100,000,000 yen, only behind Kosshi and Tatara.
  • This is the second set of items to be added to Ro-Ghoul that is exclusive to Tokyo Ghoul:re, the first being the T-Human quinque.
  • In the manga, Takizawa is a one-eyed ghoul, but was turned into a ghoul in a similar manner as Kaneki having only a single kakugan and being tortured to the point of having white hair. However, in Ro-Ghoul, you'll still have the default two kakugan.
  • Thanks, Omega_9081 for demonstrating the moves for the Wikia!
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