Rinkaku Edit

The Rinkaku is one of the three starter kagunes that new players are able to spawn with at random. It can be changed at the Kakuhou Surgeon's shop. The most notable user of the Rinkaku kagune in the anime is Ken Kaneki, which its stages in Ro-Ghoul are named after and based on.

Its counterpart quinque would be the Eyepatch quinque.

The Rinkaku is strictly for close range combat, doing high damage close to the enemy. They're average enemies to face.

Stages Edit

The Rinkaku kagune currently has 6 stages.

Stage 1: Ken1 Edit

You summon a single tentacle that looms over your right shoulder.

Requirements: 0 RC Cells.

Moves Edit

-Click: You swing your kagune tentacle from around your body in front of you, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

-E: You launch into a burst combo of very quick kagune attacks. Each hit deals less damage than the click move as a result of the balance between small damage and insane fire rate. This small setback can be overcome by investing Focus points into your kagune. Anyone unfortunate enough to be in front of you will be savagely torn apart.

-R: You swing your kagune towards the right, dealing damage and throwing enemies away. This is a good move for defence.

-F: You coil your kagune around you as you get ready to pounce, then leap in front into a tailspin attack, dealing damage. This is a good move for decimating running prey, sneak attacks, running away from predators, and is generally an adequate move.

Stage 2: Ken2 Edit

You summon two tentacles that each loom over your shoulders.

Requirements: 2,500 RC Cells.

Moves Edit

-Click: You swing your tentacles in front of you, one by one. The tentacle used alternates every time you use it.

-E: Similar attack to Ken1, except you make use of your new tentacle to increase damage and fire rate!

-R: You move your tentacles inward and suddenly let go, causing the tentacles to rapidly move to their previous position, dealing more damage. This also has some knockback.

-F: Instead of a tailspin attack, you use your tentacles to push you up into the air and spin, causing your tentacles to smash into the ground and cause intense damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be in your way.

Stage 3: Ken3 Edit

You summon four tentacles, with one pair over the shoulders and the other to either side.

Requirements: 7,500 RC Cells.

Moves Edit

-Click: Similar attack to Ken2, but you deal more damage due to your two additional tentacles. The attack uses two tentacles at a time now, but still alternates sides; whichever tentacle over the shoulder is being used, its opposite in the lower pair is also used.

-E: Similar attack to Ken2, but you deal a ton more damage and you get a much better firerate!

-R: Similar attack to Ken2, but deal more damage due to your four tentacles and increase knockback slightly.

-F: The same as Ken2, but you deal more damage with your new tentacles.

Stage 4: KenK1 Edit


The first Rinkaku Kakuja stage. You summon one huge centipede tail from your lower back, with stance and moving animation changes. The screen shakes violently while you are in this stage.

This stage is good for long-range fights due to its length. The cooldowns for its abilities extend the longer you have it active. All moves have a large hitbox and deal great damage.

Requirements: 750,000 RC Cells.

Moves Edit

-Click: You swing the centipede tail, first to the right side, then to the left side.

-E: You smash the ground with your kagune in front of you, crushing anyone in front of you like an insect.

-R: You coil the kagune, then uncoil it, hitting nearby players or NPCs and throwing them really far away while doing damage.

-F: You jump in the air and dash forwards while slamming your tail into the ground, similar to the E move.

(FUN FACT!): Centipede is the farthest ranged melee Kagune. (not including ranged Kagunes such as Takizawa)

Stage 5: KenK2: Edit

The second Rinkaku Kakuja stage. It has two smaller centipede kagunes, similar to first Kakuja stage, and the four tentacles from Ken3. You also form a centipede mask.

This stage is not cursed by the cooldowns of the KenK1 (fortunately). It is also suited for brute force and close range destruction, unlike KenK1.

When activating this stage, names, words, and phrases appear and disappear on screen constantly, such as "JASON", "INSIDE", and "1,000 MINUS 7", all significant to the anime and the original wielder of this kagune, Ken Kaneki.


Requirements: 5,000,000 RC Cells.

Moves Edit

-Click: Your left/right Kakuja hits quickly. It reloads fast so it can be very useful in battle.

-E: Your centipede tails and rinkaku tentacles swing forward in front of you. This attack has a small range.

-R: You spin and all your kagune swing, hitting any nearby players.

-F: You jump into the air, spinning in the air with a small range and slamming your kagunes onto the ground.

Stage 6: PKKen1 Edit

This Rinkaku stage is post-Kaneki's Kakuja form. You are able to sprout six bony tentacles. This stage is noted for having a striking resemblance to a spider's legs.

Requirements: 7,500,000 RC Cells.

Moves :

-Click: You strike with the two tentacles not touching the ground.

-E: You dash forward with the two tentacles not touching the ground, pointed forward.

-R: You jump forward, hitting with your tentacle towards the ground before landing. 

-F: You jump on the spot by hitting your tentacles between them before falling back.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a showcase of PKKen1 available here:
  • "MY NAME JEFF", one of the phrases that shows up during KenK2's text flashes, is an Easter egg left by SushiWalrus, the creator of the game.
  • The game does not depict violent scenes (like one could imagine in the E move for Ken1-3) to avoid getting banned.

Ken1 Edit

Speed: 1/5

Damage: 2/5

Self-protection: 1/5

Range: 2/5

Ken2 and Ken3 Edit

    • Speed: 2/5

Damage: 2/5 (3/5 as for Ken3)

Self-protection: 2/5

Range: 1/5

KenK1 Edit

Speed: 2/5

Damage: 4/5

Self-protection: 2/5

Range: 4/5

KenK2 Edit

    • Speed: 3/5

Damage: 5/5

Self-protection: 3/5

Range: 3/5

Pkken1 Edit

Speed: 5/5

Damage: 3/5

Self-protection: 5/5

Range: 4/5

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