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Noro's Kagune is an extremely unique bikaku kagune. Based off Noro's bikaku kagune from Tokyo Ghoul, the kagune has an incredible offensive power and is able to consume food, ghouls, and humans alike.

From Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re, Noro is known to have a kakuja. Noro's kakuja is unlike most kakuja. Instead of forming armor, Noro's body transforms into a huge mass of kagune which is covered by large mouths, similar to that of his regular kagune. Noro is unable to move while in this state, as this lump of kagune rages uncontrollably.

Stages Edit

So far, there is one stage to Noro's kagune.

Stage 1 Edit

This is the default stage. The kagune is a very thick, lamprey-like tentacle that had a mouth on the end of it.

Requirements: 1,000,000 RC Cells.

Moves Edit

-Click: You stab your opponent with your kagune from above the left shoulder, then the right shoulder. This attack has a pretty long range.

-E:You bite your enemy with your kagune and pull them in front of you.

-R: Your kagune enters the ground in front of you, then rises up from the ground towards your enemy, attacking suddenly and causing damage. This attack can be used from a long distance: if you can faintly see the NPC or player, that is how far away it can attack.

-F: You jump and slam the ground with your kagune, creating a shockwave and dealing damage to your opponents. This attack can be used at a very short distance, and is hard to control.

Trivia Edit

  • The R move was overpowered because of its range and the difficulty in dodging it.
    • Later on, the R move was nerfed and lost its long range.
  • DarknessDo123's advice: Not good for farming, although for battles with players, it's OP.
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