Narukami Edit

Narukami is an ukaku-type quinque that is owned and wielded by Kishou Arima. It has the ability to manipulate electricity. In Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re, Arima used it various times throughout the series.

Stages/Modes Edit

While Narukami only has one stage, it has two modes to switch between.

Normal Mode Edit

The default mode. In this form, Narukami is reverse-held and encases the user's hand and forearm, with four prongs resembling satellite panels and a white body. The segmented parts of the body have lightning bolts designs running vertically down their lengths.

Requirements: 0 RC Cells.

Moves Edit

-Click: You shoot a ball of electricity from your quinque.

-E: You shoot a bigger ball of electricity from your quinque, dealing more damage.

-R: You shoot a huge ball of electricity from your quinque that follows your opponent. Dodging this attack is nearly impossible.

-F: You dash forward and shoot a ball of electricity to the ground from your quinque, dealing a high amount of damage to your enemy and high AOE damage to anyone caught in the blast.

-C: Switch to Sword Mode.

Sword Mode Edit

In this form, Narukami's prongs snap together into one "blade", with a prominent handle and cylindrical guard. The segments that were a wide hand guard become a slightly thinner arc stretching over the user's hand. Unlike Normal Mode, this mode can be swung, hence the name.

Requirements: 0 RC Cells.

Moves Edit

-Click: You swing your weapon at the direction you're facing, hitting anyone in a small range.

-E: You dash four times in the direction you're looking at and slash your opponent at the same time.

-R: You shoot three electric balls that spray like a shotgun.

-F: You do front flips while slashing the opponent at the start and end of the action. This skill deals a lot of damage to your enemy.

-C: Switch to Normal Mode.

Trivia Edit

  • At 75 million Yen, Narukami is one of the most expensive quinque to date.
  • Narukami, along with T-Human, is one of the only quinques that can manipulate/weaponize electricity.

ranged stats Edit

Speed: 3/5

Damage: 2/5 (4/5 if R hits two times)

Self-protection: 3/5

Range: 5/5

Meele stats Edit

    • Speed: 4/5

Damage: 4/5

Self-protection: 2/5

Meele skill range: 3/5

Ranged skill range: 5/5

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