Ginkui Edit

Ginkui is a Quinque used by Kuki Urie, and is made from Noro's Kakuja. its resembles C-Katana but with a different hilt and a longer blade with dust surrounding it.

Its short Cooldowns and stun moves makes this a strong weapon.

Stages/Modes Edit

Ginkui only has one stage and no mode switches.

Stage 1 Edit

Ginkui's default stage takes the appearance of a long Katana with dust surrounding it.

Requirements. 0 RC Cells

Moves Edit

-Click: You slash at your enemies fast, capable of dealing fast damage

-E: This move is similar to SSS Owl's TP move, but when it hits, it pierces the opponent, and Noro's Tentacles pierces out on the other side, if someone is standing behind the target they will take damage by the Tentacles.

-R: The user stabs the ground with his Quinque, and Noro's Kagune comes out of the ground, targeting every person in its range, damaging, stunning, and dragging, the person to the users location.

-F: The user throws his/hers Quinque infront of them, if it hits it sticks to the target and after 3 second it explodes upwards with Noro's Kagune , damaging, and stunning the target. If it hits someone, and they don't have enough durability, it will just go through them killing them and hit any other target in its path.

-C: Tgay


  • Ginkui is the second SS rate Quinque added to the game.
  • Ginkui is the second most expensive Quinque in the game.
  • Ginkui is the second Quinque to have a Bonus skill that isn't a mode.
  • Ginkui is worth 400,000,000 yen.