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The Commision of Counter Ghoul (CCG) is a Federal Group that eliminates ghouls

At the start of the game, you get to choose either a burger or flesh, if you choose flesh you become a Ghoul, if burger you become CCG, the CCG's sole purpose is to eliminate ghouls, assuming you entered this page to learn about the CCG here's more about them, and their aspects ingame.


This is you, you start off with a C-Katana, as you start off with a C-Katana your goals are to eliminate Low-Level Ghoul Players or NPCs I heavily recommend you start off with Low-Rank Aogiris, then start killing Low-Level Ghoul Players.

Once you kill a Ghoul Player or NPC, press their corpse to loot them or RC Cells, and Yen, you already get a reward after you killed them but looting them gives you more. That's the Basics of CCG (Still WIP)