C-Katana Edit

Standard quinque to start the game.

Stages Edit

So far, C-Katana has one basic stage.

Requirements: N/A

Moves Edit

-Click: You slash with the quinque, dealing damage.

-E: You stab repeatedly with the quinque. This attack actually does slightly less damage than the click.

-R: You dash forwards with the quinque, dealing damage if the attack connects.

-F: You jump in the air and spin-slash with your quinque, similar to the Bikaku's tail spin.

Trivia Edit

  • It highly resembles the quinque Tsunagi in the series, although Tsunagi doesn't have a hand guard and visibly, C-Katana has a hand guard.
  • Due to it's resemblance, it is possible that C-Katana is a OWL type quinque.

Stats Edit

Speed: 3/5

Damage: 2/5

Self-protection: 3/5

Range: 2/5

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