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Arata is a secondary quinque that can be equipped by CCG members by pressing 0. When the Arata is equipped, the player's health will begin decreasing at a steady rate until it is unequipped by pressing 0 again. The player's arata is separate from their quinque, and can be advanced/upgraded by interacting with the NCP next to the Quinque Options container in the smaller, black CCG building. In exchange for the life drain, the players base attack and defense are boosted by a percentage. This percentage increases for both statistics as the player upgrades their arata.

Tips and Tricks: After equipping your arata, it is usually best to immediately rush your opponent. It is crucial to always be attacking when using arata, as any wasted time is wasted health. Dodging with arata is also incredibly important, because even with the damage reduction, you can still be killed quickly if you aren't avoiding attacks. Arata is best suited to quinque that don't utilize range, ie. XIII's Jason, Kura, Demon Yamada, and Narukami's sword mode. Quinque like Ixa, Narukami's base mode, and T-Human do not perform as well, as you're less likely to be engaging in close range combat, making the damage boost negligible, as the health drain will inevitably cause more damage than it's worth.

Name Current Upgrade Level Increases Damage Delt Reduces Damage Taken Price (For next upgrade) Image
Proto-Arata A 1 1.25% 3.75% 250,000 YEN

75,000 RC

Proto-Arata A 2 2.5% 7.5% 250,000 YEN

75,000 RC

Proto-Arata B

Arata A

3 3.75% 11.25% 125,000 YEN

50,000 RC

Proto Arata C
Proto-Arata A 4 5% 15% 250,000 YEN

400,000 RC

Proto-Arata D
Proto-Arata B 1 2.5% 6.25% 250,000 YEN

75,000 RC

Proto-Arata B 2 5% 12.5% 250,000 YEN

75,000 RC

RobloxScreenShot20180927 095954823
Proto-Arata B 3 7.5% 18.75% 125,000 YEN

50,000 RC

RobloxScreenShot20181107 132028045
Proto-Arata B 4 10% 25% 1,000,000 YEN

5,000,000 RC

RobloxScreenShot20181107 144759815
Proto-Arata II 1 15% 30% No Further Upgrades
RobloxScreenShot20181022 185513993
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