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Ox Rookbane
• 7/1/2018

Some changes that I would like :)

Recently I saw one or more troller(s) who puts stupid, dumb and nonsense things in the wikia : "gay" "sub2 iluke" "stage 30" or something like these. So I would like that the creator of this wikia allows only registered peoples to edit pages so that if a troller edits a page, we can find him easily. About time, don't worry, I guess even registered peoples have many free times in his life (including me).
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Ox Rookbane
• 7/2/2018
I certainly agree with protecting pages from unregistered users. However, the Administrators and the Wikia Owner have not been active at all recently. I've left a message on the Owner's Message Wall about this, also.

I sincerely hope these requests will be passed.
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